Resident Return (1040)

This return can be e filed (if eligible) or paper filed.

Non Resident Return (1040NR)

Students under OPT / CPT or employees under H1B / L1 filing non resident aliens tax return using 1040NR. This return can also be e-filed if found eligible. 

1040-NR filers have entered digital age. Fortunately IRS has started allowing e filing of such returns since 2016. 

IRS / State Forms

Form 1040           : Return for Resident Aliens

Form 1040NR      :Return for Non Resident Aliens

Form 8843           : For F1 Visa Students

Form 8316           : Refund of Social Security & Medicare Taxes

Form W7              : Application for ITIN

Form 1040X         : Amended Return

FBAR                   : Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Account

IRS Tax Pay         : Pay Taxes online

Form W-4             : Personal Allowances Worksheet

Bill of Rights       : Consumer Bill of rights